How Much Does Roofing Cost?

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Roofing Costs

Homeowners pay very little attention to their roofs until something goes wrong, even guys who put on roofs for a living are guilty of this.  Then one day you are sitting in your house and a drop of water lands on the tip of your nose and then you realize it might be time to fix the roof.  Pretty quickly after that you realize that this is going to cost money, a new roof doesn’t come cheap and it is time to get some quotes on your roofing costs. 

Assess the Problem

The first thing you’re going to want to do is assess the problem and find out if you can get away with fixing your roof or if it is time to have the whole thing replaced.  Don’t try and guess the costs until you have the situation figured out.  You are going to want to get a professional Long Island roofer in to have a look at the situation and assess the damage.  You can invite a couple of roofing companies to give you an estimate of the roofing costs and put together a quote for you.  You want to get at the very least three quotes before making any decisions.

The DIY Approach

You may think that you can do it yourself to save yourself some money on the cost of fixing your roof.  Unless you working in the roofing industry for a living this is a profoundly bad idea.  Roofing technicians take years to learn their trade, not only that climbing on top of your roof without the right equipment is dangerous.  Again, if you’re not a roofing expert you could end up doing more harm than good, making your roofing costs go even higher. 


A roof repair if it can be done is your least expensive option, a roofing company will patch the leak in your roof and your roof should be good for a few more years.  However if the damage is extensive, your roof is old or there is more than one area needing to be patched it may be time to replace. When a roofing company puts together a quote for you the roofing costs are going to be broken down into materials and labor.  The roofing materials are going to include things like shingles, waterproof membranes, roofing nails along with any other supplies that are needed.  Labor costs are what you are charged to have the roofing crew come to your home and do the actual work. 


You do want to get more than one quote, but remember cheaper isn’t always better.  You also have the ability to negotiate with your contractor to try and get a better price for the job.  However don’t settle for anything but a qualified roofing contractor or this job could cost you far more than you bargain for. 

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