How To Install Roll Roofing

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Installing Roll Roofing

Putting on a new roof is expensive, often homeowners are looking for materials that will effectively cover their roof at a price that they can afford.  Roll roofing material fits that bill.  It comes in sheets and it is super easy to install, most homeowners install it themselves.  The roof should last between five and ten years so it is not as durable as other materials but it cheap and easy to throw on if you have no other alternatives.  You have four different materials to choose from including eaves flashing, smooth surface, mineral surface and saturated felt. 

Prepping Your Roof

Before you lay down the rolling roof you need to make sure that your roof is cleared of stones, twigs and any other debris.  Anything left on the roof can tear the covering and the next thing you know you have leaks.  You will need to apply the primer first and you can use either a paint roller or a sprayer.  If you live in the northern part of the country you may not be able to do this in winter it needs to be at least 45F to install this type of roof. 

Installing Your Roof

You can apply rolls to either a completely flat roof your one that has a steep pitch.  If you have a flat roof you will need to apply two layer to keep out moisture.  Here are some instructions on how to install the rolls on both types of roof. 

  • Flat Roofs:  You are going to want to start by putting a drip edge along the eaves, apply cement at the bottom about two inches wide and you will cover that with a 9 inch wide starter strip.  Next you want to nail down the start strip using galvanized nail three inches apart.  Now place the first roll on that strip and attach it with 3 inch nails.  Secure the bottom and sides with cement.  You are going to overlap each strip 17 inches and keep repeating this process all the way across the roof. 
  • Steep Roofs: With steep roof there is less chance of having leaks or of water pooling on your roof so you don’t need two layers.  You will use the same application technique.  Start by hanging the roll from the pitch and hang it down to the eaves.  This way allows you to apply the cement and nail the strips at the same time.  Always keep safety in mind when working on a steep roof.

If you plan on installing the roof yourself make sure that you follow the directions carefully to make sure there are no leaks or problems.  You can also get a roofing company to install the roof for you.  Be very careful and follow all safety procedures to make sure there are no accidents and you get a perfectly installed roof. 

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