How To Install Roof Shingles

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Installing Shingled Roofing

There are some home improvement projects that are best left to the professionals, installing a shingled roof is definitely one of them,  Aside from the inherent dangers of climbing on top of your roof, roofing is a skill that takes years to learn.  Improperly shingled roofs can leak and that causes extensive damage to your home, not to mention it isn’t going to look so great either.  However if you have some experience in roofing and are willing to give it a go, here are some tips to make sure you get the job done right. 

1.  Start by Pre-Marking the Roof Face

You will want to begin this process by finding the center of the roof face on the bottom side near the eaves, make your mark and go all the way up to the center of the peak.  Be sure to mark of the center of the roof.  The next thing you want to do is to mark in the horizontal lines so that you will know exactly where to lay your shingles.  When the time comes to lay out the shingles these markings will help keep everything even and symmetrical. 

2.  Lay Down the Start Strip

Your starter strip is going to be the first row of shingles that you are going to lay.  You will start at the center and these shingles will have the tabs cut off and they are placed along the bottom edge of the roof.  You want to cut off the tabs at the edge of the cutout on the top.  Start by placing the strip of shingles about half an inch over the edge of the roof.  Start at the center long and install the shingles first in one direction to the edge of the roof.  Come back to center and do the other side.  Make sure that you coat the bottom edge of the shingles with some roofing cement before you nail them in place. 

3.  Start Laying the Shingles

The next row of shingles will be laid directly on top of the starter strip.  Once again you will start from the center line and work your way out.  Place the first shingle with the chalk line and you are going to want to put the center of the middle tab right on top of the center chalk line.  Those lines that you drew out earlier are going to make your job much easier.  For every shingle you want to use four galvanized nails, with one nail at each end and the other two over each center cutout. 

From here on out you will follow step three until you have the whole roof shingled. Check back regularly for more updates from our blog!

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