Is Metal Roofing Worth The Extra Cost?

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How to do Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is arguably one of the most durable roofing materials that you can choose.  Opting to try and install it yourself is probably not the wisest choice, you will need the right tools, not to mention the skill required.  Metal roofing is best installed by professionals but if you still want to know how to do metal roofing then follow along and we will give an overview of the process. 

Measuring Your Roof

It goes without saying that you are going to need to measure your roof, you will need to know the height and length along with the edges.  Also make sure that you check out the pitch or steepness of the roof, there is a minimum requirement to install a metal roof.  That will help you to determine how much material that you are going to need.  You will also need to inspect your roof for damage looking for any loose shingles or tiles or anything sticking out of the roof. 

Installing the Underlayment

The next step in how to do metal roofing is the finding the underlayment, this will prevent unnecessary moisture no matter what type of weather Mother Nature throws at it.  You will need to have the underlayment protrude all around the edges by an inch and a half.  Expand it further on the vent pipes by another inch and half, it needs to protrude on the sidewalls by about 6 inches.  You don’t want your underlayment sticking right to the metal roof, so put red rosin paper between the layers to avoid sticking to the metal roof.

Attaching the Metal Sheets

Now you are ready to start putting on the sheets, you  will start but screwing the metal sheets onto the wood slats using ¼ inch screws every two feet, you will do that on both sides.  Overlap the first sheet with the next sheet.  You will continue doing this until the entire roof is covered.  You will likely end up with extra space at the edge.  You can cut this portion off with tin cutters and screw in the last sheet.  Lastly you will fasten the metal sheets with 5/16 lap screws every four feet where the sheets overlap. 

Next you will need to deal with the sides of the roof.  You need to start adding the metal trim that covers the edges and the roof ridges which should be fully covered.  The last step you will have to do is to put in the closures, they are 3 foot pieces of foam rubber with glue underneath so the will stick when attached to the roof edges. 

Metal roofing should really be done by a qualified roofing contractor, while the application may sound simple it really isn’t.  Qualified contractors like V. Guinta & Son have the tools and knowledge to get the job done right.

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