Melville Southeast is a unique neighborhood in Melville, NY, boasting a range of amenities that offer something for everyone. Close proximity to local parklands and schools means residents can take advantage of an active lifestyle while still staying close to home. Accommodations range from single-family homes and townhouses to apartments, with many businesses and shopping centers in the area. This neighborhood offers easy access to public transportation as well as a variety of public services available nearby. Melville Southeast is geared towards people of all ages, ensuring urban living does not have to be dull or isolated.


The Melville Southeast is a thriving area situated between Jericho Turnpike and the Long Island Expressway. This area is made up of 11,074 residents; the majority of the population being 25-64 years old (57.5%), followed by 18-24 year olds (16%) and 40-64 year olds (15%). The median household income in this locale is $118,366 and it boasts a poverty rate of only 4%. It has an unemployment rate of 1.1%, which is notably low compared to other neighborhoods in Melville like Cat Swamp, where the unemployment rate is 6%.

Commuting to work isn’t an issue in this neighborhood with 75.3% of the population walking distance or driving themselves to their place of employment.  Lastly, among its diverse ethnic population, 57% are White while only 8.2% Asian & Pacific Islander and 7% African American. This gives Melville Southeast an image as a culturally rich region nestled within a vibrant suburban sprawl on Long Island’s north shore.


Education in Melville Southeast is an endeavor that requires great commitment and effort, both from the students and their parents. The schools in this area are of high quality, providing a wide range of programs and resources to support the success of students. Many of these schools offer advanced classes, academic challenge courses and high quality arts and athletic facilities, giving students numerous opportunities to try new skills and reach their potential.

With a strong PTA, special community events and countless extracurricular activities, residents have plenty of ways to become involved in their children’s education. This active involvement creates an enriched learning environment for the students in Melville Southeast Community Schools and encourages them to work hard for success.


Melville Southeast is a wealthy neighborhood that offers tourists an array of experiences. It is home to a diverse selection of activities and attractions sure to keep them entertained. From the shopping and dining mecca at the Walt Whitman Mall to the spotless public beaches and lush green parks, there’s something for everyone in Melville Southeast. If visitors want something more unusual, they can take part in one of the yacht club races or gallery openings. Restaurants are plentiful in this area with choices ranging from small bistros to five-star establishments. Those wishing for a relaxing visit may enjoy one of several spas. Tourists who come here will have an adventure they won’t soon forget.

Overall, Melville Southeast is a great place to call home. This neighborhood offers easy access to nearby amenities, a tranquil atmosphere perfect for peaceful living, and plenty of green spaces that make spending time outdoors an enjoyable experience. With friendly locals and a wonderful sense of community spirit present at all times, Melville Southeast undeniably has something special that makes it stand out from other neighborhoods. Ultimately, this unique neighborhood has earned its distinction as one of the most well-liked parts of town and provides residents with a safe and comfortable environment for all ages.


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