About Mineola

The central, flat, grassy part of Long Island was originally named “Hempstead Plains“. In the 19th century, various communities were started. One of them was called “Hempstead Branch”, and finally, “Mineola”.

Long Island was part of Henry Hudson’s original claim in the name of the Dutch East India Company dating as far back as 1609. In the 18th century, the Dutch and English settlers worked to clear farmland to start their life on the Hempstead Plains. It was in 1858 when this land was named after an Algonquin Indian Chief, Miniolagamika meaning, “Pleasant Village”. The name was later shortened and altered to “Mineola”. Content Source

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Living in Mineola

Mineola is in a great location because it is home to a major transfer point for buses and trains. The neighborhood has all of the amenities that you need—a hospital, a supermarket, pubs and fast food places. If you go east on Old Country Road, you will arrive at a shopping center where there is a Barnes & Noble. I really like Barnes & Noble, and it is really cool to have a location close by. A short, eastward journey on Old Country Road will take you to Sam Ash, as well as the Roosevelt Field Mall. Technically, these places are no longer within the political lines of Mineola, though they are within very, very close proximity.

Mineola Zip Code: 11501

Mineola Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 40.7484196

Long: -73.6480787

Things To Do in Mineola

If you want to go into New York City and don’t want to pay the ludicrous Long Island Railroad prices, there are bus lines that you can take for cheaper. These bus lines that run through Mineola go into Queens and transfer onto subway stops. Old Country Road can be an extremely treacherous road to cross on foot, especially near the Roosevelt Field Mall. Fortunately, it is easy to find a relatively safe point to cross at in Mineola.

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