The Presbyterian Church of Sweet Hollow in Melville, NY is a bustling church that has been part of the local community since 1831. It was founded by Reverend John King and a small group of congregants eager to find fellowship, pray, and spread their faith with those around them. Since then the Presbyterian Church has grown exponentially, becoming an integral piece of Melville’s culture. More than just a church, it also offers free tutoring and an afterschool program to help the local children in their academics as well as their growth spiritually. It is through these efforts that the Presbyterian Church of Sweet Hollow continues to thrive and bring harmony to its congregation and its surrounding community.

What To Do

Presbyterian Church of Sweet Hollow offers a range of activities to help its members grow closer to each other and to God. From traditional worship services, youth programs, and adult Bible studies to special music events and community outreach initiatives, there is something for everybody at the church. It is even involved in missions throughout the world, with members or teams being sent to help those in need.

The Church also holds semiannual retreats for families as well as programming geared specifically toward college students. Taking part in any of these activities provides an opportunity to get connected with others from the church; this strengthens relationships, creates lasting bonds among members, and encourages spiritual growth.


The Presbyterian Church of Sweet Hollow has been a place of solace and gathering for hundreds of years. Its religious importance is paramount, but it is also well known for its incredible array of attractions. Whether attending one of the church’s regular prayer meetings or public lectures, engaging in community outreach programs, or simply enjoying a quiet moment in its peaceful gardens as you admire the gothic architecture, there’s something to excite a variety of interests at this beautiful place. Indeed, this church offers plenty to experience if you are ever lucky enough to be in the area.

Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit to the Presbyterian Church of Sweet Hollow, remember to think ahead. Before you go, check the church’s website or social media accounts to make sure there won’t be any changes to the schedule or special events you are hoping to take part in. When you get there, find a member of the congregation who can show you around the grounds and escort you into services or other programs offered at the church. Feel free to stay for as many activities as long as you like! It’s best practice for visitors to bring something small like coffee and pastries for those working behind-the-scenes when attending an event too.

Overall, the Presbyterian Church of Sweet Hollow has a proud history of religious dedication and charitable giving. Its mission to serve those in need is reflected through events such as homeless shelters and food pantries, while its spiritual commitment is evident in the Sunday morning worship time shared by the congregation. With a diverse and welcoming membership, this church has something for everyone who wants to gather together and show support for their fellow congregants. It continues to serve as an important pillar of faith in the Melville area.


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