Town Center, a lively neighborhood in Melville, NY is the perfect spot for families looking for a quiet and energetic community. The area includes a variety of residential housing choices ranging from quaint single-family homes to luxurious apartments and townhouses. There is a wealth of nearby shopping and dining establishments that make it easy to find local favorites like Italian bistros, sushi bars and traditional delis. Families are spoiled with many cultural activities, recreational parks and public spaces in this well-rounded community. Not only is Town Center close to highways and major arteries, making transportation an easy piece of the puzzle, but healthcare services are also conveniently located nearby. This vibrant locality offers something for everyone!


Town Center is a picturesque neighborhood that is home to over 6,500 residents living within its borders. Its population comprises people from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds making up around 76.9% White, 11.4% Asian Americans and 7.7% African Americans. The median age of its inhabitants falls at 39 years old and the median household income is estimated at $142,467. It also has an impressive number of nearly 76 businesses located in the area ranging from professional services to retail stores to entertainment centers.

On top of that, educational opportunities abound – with four public elementary schools and one public middle school providing quality education for future leaders and career-minded adults alike. All in all, Town Center is a vibrant community filled with diversity yet connected by a common sentiment: making it the ideal place for families and singles to call home.


Town Center, a vibrant neighborhood that is proud to have a wealth of educational opportunities for its residents. Beyond the array of excellent public schools available in the area, private and parochial institutions also abound. In addition to traditional academic pursuits, Town Center is home to diverse arts and extracurricular options, such as music and theater groups, sports teams, and volunteer organizations.

In line with the Neighborhood’s commitment to cultivating well-rounded learners, these activities offer residents an invaluable opportunity to engage with their passions outside of the classroom. Moreover, Town Center boasts a range of valuable educational resources including libraries, bookstores and more. Residents can count on nourishing all aspects of their development while growing up in this wonderful community!


Town Center is a popular tourist destination for those looking for a little fun and relaxation. Its broad array of local shops and restaurants offer something for everyone’s taste preferences. Visitors can tour historic sites on the Battle of Long Island walking path, or just stroll through the many scenic green areas that make up the neighborhood.

In addition to dining options like Wing World, Genovese Italian Deli and Pecks Lobsters, visitors can also find unique gifts and entertainment shopping throughout the year in Town Center’s one-stop-shops, with offerings ranging from children’s toys to luxury jewelry. Events such as tree lighting ceremonies and holiday parades help create an engaging and unique atmosphere full of activity which helps ensure that tourism remains strong in this charmingly quaint neighborhood.

Overall, the Town Center offers a variety of lifestyle amenities for its residents. Whether you wish to take in some retail therapy, bask in the local parks and outdoor recreation spots, or enjoy the restaurants and cafes scattered along the street, the choices here are vast. Shopping malls brim with stores while independent boutiques offer unique finds.

Surrounded by verdant landscapes, tranquil lakes and soothing walking paths, residents can make use of a full range of healthy outlets available right within their community. With so much to offer across various aspects, it is no wonder that Town Center has become one of Melville’s most sought-after areas to live.


Additionally, if you are looking for a peaceful, friendly neighborhood to call home, then Chateau Dr/Jacobs Path might be the perfect place for you. This tightly-knit community offers a range of residential properties at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for a single-family home or a condominium complex, you’ll find many options to choose from. If convenience is key for you, this neighborhood has it in spades – just minutes from multiple supermarkets, shopping centers and public transportation services.

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