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Welcome To V. Guinta & Son Roofing

V. Guinta & Son has been in the commercial and residential roofing business since 1930.  We have been providing top-quality roofing to businesses and homes throughout Long Island for three generations.  Our current owner and CEO, Joseph Guinta, has been a roofer since he was 13.  He has run the company since the age of 25.  Our skilled workers are fully trained to install all types of roofing and to meet the exact requirements of industrial roofing projects.

Our work is first-rate because we have first-rate, committed workers who have been working with us for many years because they are skilled and conscientious.  We start our job at the time agreed with the customer and complete the work in a timely manner, maintaining clean and safe premises for both our workers and the property owner.  

We use not only the best workers available, but also the best materials.  For over 90 years, we’ve been protecting commercial spaces, other businesses, and homes with the best roofs possible.  Choose a reputable, locally owned roofing company with a proven record.  Choose the one that has 90 years of expertise and experience with roofing.  V. Guinta & Son is your best choice when its comes to quality and price.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing V. Guinta & Son for your Long Island Roofing Contractor:

  • Experienced Crew – our roofing crew has, on average, 10 years of experience.  Our workers are committed roofers, not inexperienced trainees.  We use only our own crew – no subcontractors.
  • Professional Installation and Equipment – V. Guinta & Son gets the job done right and quickly, using the most professional installation techniques and the most efficient equipment possible.
  • Save Your Business Money – V. Guinta & Son offers you the best options for cost-efficient roofing, not just with respect to the immediate cost of the project but also in terms of minimizing your long-term energy, maintenance, and replacement costs.
  • Affordable, On-Time, Within-Budget Solutions – V. Guinta & Son knows how to get even the most complex, demanding roofing jobs done on time and within budget.  We’ve been doing it successfully for 80 years.

V. Guinta & Son backs its on-site crew with experienced administration, planning, and support.  All of our people will always demonstrate professional experience, demeanor, and attentiveness on the job, and our friendly but no-nonsense approach helps guarantee clear lines of communication between both parties as well a result that will exceed your expectations.

Ready for us to take a look at your roof? Get in touch with us today!