Franklin Square North is an affluent neighborhood located in Franklin Square, New York. The peaceful locale features ample green space and tree-lined streets. The area is also near a variety of schools, shopping centers, entertainment venues and public transportation. It’s no surprise then that many families are drawn to the neighborhood due to its excellent amenities. Franklin Square North has something for everyone – from busy professionals looking to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere to growing families searching for a tranquil refuge away from the bustle of the city.


According to recent census data, the population of Franklin Square North stands at about 590 people. The median age is 46 years old and an impressive 93% of households are homeowners. The area boasts a strong diversity with 63% Caucasian citizens, 23% African American, 10% Hispanic or Latino and 4% Asian. Those residing in Franklin Square North come from all corners of the globe; 24 different languages can be heard in the streets of this highly diverse community.


Education in Franklin Square North has been on the rise in recent years. With the increasing number of students and growing population of the area, schools have had to expand their curriculums to meet the demands and provide a comprehensive education. While maintaining their traditional core curriculum, schools have begun exploring new technologies, teaching strategies, and curriculum content to ensure that no matter where a student lives, they are receiving a well-rounded educational experience. With access to advanced classes as well as language learning opportunities, students in Franklin Square North have an abundance of tools available to them. Families can be confident that their children are not only safe and sound in this community, but also benefiting from a quality education system.


Franklin Square North is an iconic neighborhood known for its rich culture and historic atmosphere. The area has been popular with tourists since the early 20th century, when visitors would come to experience its renowned Colonial Revival movement and diverse array of architectural styles. Today, people come to revel in the area’s natural beauty as well as explore its interesting specialty stores and eateries. It’s also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts who can enjoy everything from hiking trails to beaches to quality fishing spots.

Overall, Franklin Square North is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood in Franklin Square, NY. It is well-known for its public parks and recreational activities, such as basketball courts, baseball fields and playgrounds. The neighborhood offers a range of amenities, including local restaurants and businesses, quality schools and excellent public transportation options. With its strong sense of community spirit and pride, it has become an attractive place for people of all ages to live, work and play.


Additionally, if you’re looking for the perfect place to raise a family or settle into a nice, quiet neighborhood, Franklin Square South is the ideal destination. This community offers its residents an abundance of amenities and easy access to nearby attractions. Residents can enjoy parks, playgrounds and recreation centers to keep them active and entertained. The schools are highly ranked with supportive teachers who strive to ensure that all students can reach their fullest potential. Homeowners can also take advantage of tax breaks and reduced utility costs to help offset the cost of living expenses.