Franklin Square South, located in the town of Franklin Square, NY, is a vibrant blend of residential neighborhoods, commercial districts and parks. It’s home to dozens of restaurants, pubs and small business establishments that make up its quaint commercial district. This lively center is surrounded by several distinct neighborhoods — each offering its own sense of community. From historic homes passed down through generations to modern new constructions on suburban streets, there are housing options for families at all stages of life. With public parks such as Melen Park and Martin’s Field providing various green spaces — residents can enjoy an abundance of outdoor activities with their families.


According to the most recent census, Franklin Square South consists of 54% White residents, 19.8% Hispanic/Latino individuals, 15.2% African American individuals, and 11% those who identify as other races. The median age of Franklin Square South is 39 years old, the median household income is $70,942 per year, and approximately 25.4% of households are married couples living together. Homeownership within the neighborhood stands at 41%, making it common for rentable spaces available throughout the area. While many citizens have lived in Franklin Square South for decades, 16.7 % of people in the community have only resided there for five years or less making it an ever-changing atmosphere full of unique perspectives from both old and new members of the area.


Education in Franklin Square South is renowned for its high standards of academic excellence. The young people attending the schools in this vibrant neighborhood are consistently achieving exceptional grades and test scores, with many students scoring in the top percentile on statewide tests. Helen Keller Middle School is the only middle school for children in the area and has very low teacher-to-student and student-to-counselor ratios – giving all students access to personalized and timely feedback as they chart their educational voyage. Fittingly, when considering post-secondary education options, 97% of graduating high schoolers continue their studies at universities across the United States – an impressive stat that speaks volumes to educational commitments within Franklin Square South.


Franklin Square South is an ideal destination for many different kinds of tourism. Home to several parks and trails, visitors can take advantage of the natural beauty with activities such as bird watching, photography, hiking, nature walks and exploring special attractions like the lobster boat playground in Morgan Memorial Park. Along with these natural amenities, locals also boast some interesting historical sites. Smith House, once belonging to a prominent lobbying family of Long Island, is now a museum that educates guests on the history of their city. There’s also Adventureland Park located in North Franklin Square which provides visitors with activities such as go-karts and golfing.

Overall, Franklin Square South is a warm and welcoming family-oriented neighborhood. Situated close to the coast, there are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy such as breathtaking views of the Long Island Sound, open spaces for picnics, parks with recreational facilities and waterfront restaurants. The area is well-connected through public transport routes, making regular commuting convenient and easy. This picturesque neighborhood also offers many housing options – from cozy single family homes to lush apartments. With its numerous amenities, stunning waterfront setting and ideal location, it’s no wonder so many residents consider themselves lucky to call Franklin Square South home!


In addition, if you’re looking for a family-friendly neighborhood to live in, then the Franklin Square Southwest area should be at the top of your list. Not only are the homes here affordable but it also has excellent schools, tons of parks and recreation facilities, and plenty of local shops and restaurants. Plus, there is frequent access to public transportation which makes getting around Long Island simpler and more convenient.