Rollingwood is a prominent neighborhood in Melville, New York that continues to draw interest from people near and far. This residential suburb brings together a diverse community of residents who appreciate its close-knit culture and friendly atmosphere. It is known for its modest homes, strong schools, and well-maintained parks with plenty of green space. Rollingwood even has shopping centers and restaurants nearby to provide locals with convenience and satisfaction when it comes to daily amenities.

The neighborhood also accommodates the region’s commuters with its close proximity to major thoroughfares like the Long Island Expressway and Northern State Parkway. With its ideal location and relaxing environment, Rollingwood offers something special for everyone.


Rollingwood is a residential locality that is known for its unique blend of homes and residents. Described as an affluent community with a diverse population, Rollingwood is home to individuals of various age groups, backgrounds, and racial/ethnic origins. According to the most recent census of 2018, the city comprises 63% White Americans, 29.1% Asian Americans, 4.7% African Americans and 3.2% LatinX/Hispanic people and other ethnicities forms 0.02%.

The population of Rollingwood is primarily made up of married couples (50%), whereas unmarried couples stand at 16%. On average, households have about 2-3 children in them. With its cutting edge environment, highly rated education facilities, safe neighborhoods and a wide array of amenities it has become an attractive destination among all age groups from myriads of backgrounds – making it one the most desirable places to live in the Melville vicinity.


Education in Rollingwood is diverse and highly regarded. This neighborhood has access to some of the best schools Long Island has to offer, including several high-ranking public schools as well as multiple private education options. The staff at these institutions are passionate and dedicated to providing students with a quality education. The curriculum is engaging and encourages critical thinking which helps students become successful in whatever field they choose after they graduate.

Additionally, there are plenty of recreational activities such as sports teams and extracurriculars that give students the opportunity to develop their skills and form meaningful relationships with their peers. Rollingwood is an ideal place for families looking for a quality educational environment for their children.


Rollingwood is a beautiful neighborhood, featuring stunning nature preserves and trails, historical sites, and plenty of eateries. It has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination due to its natural beauty as well as its proximity to other attractions like beaches, wineries, museums and shopping districts. Rollingwood offers numerous activities for tourists both young and old; walking tours of the historic sites illustrate how the area has developed into a thriving community over the years. Visitors can also enjoy outdoor adventures like kayaking or canoeing on Belle Island Reserve’s many waterways, or visit local breweries for an exciting night out.

Overall, Rollingwood is an ideal place to live for both families and individuals. With its leafy streets, excellent schools, and close proximity to entertainment venues, it has it all. The cost of living is higher than the national average but that comes with the reward of a relaxed atmosphere, lots of open spaces, great shopping and dining opportunities, proximity to parks and airports, and access to some of the best schools in town.

On top of that safety and security are taken seriously in Rollingwood with everything from regular patrols by local police officers to plenty of street lighting keeping its residents safe. Rollingwood provides a safe haven for many New Yorkers looking to relocate or stay close to Melville.


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