Sweet Hollow Park in Melville, New York is a beautiful spot for anyone to enjoy. The park features a large playground with plenty of slides, swings and seesaws for children to explore, as well as walking paths for all ages. There is also an abundance of lush green meadows that provide the perfect backdrop for picnics or simply lounging in the sun. Visitors will also find a variety of wildlife inhabiting the area, from birds and butterflies to squirrels darting about the trails. Sweet Hollow Park is an ideal destination for anyone looking to enjoy nature and relax amidst the beauty of Long Island’s North Shore.

What To Do

Sweet Hollow Park is a great place to visit any time of year with plenty to do. During summer months visitors can rent boats and kayaks at the marina and take in the park’s natural beauty by the lake. There are also many walking trails that provide stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Anglers will enjoy plenty of opportunities to fish, especially for largemouth bass and carp.

Winter months bring even more outdoor fun like tobogganing and cross-country skiing on the 3 miles of trails available. Picnics can be enjoyed throughout the park as well as gentle hikes past wildlife habitats and historical remnants from its early settlers. For an educational outing, consider spending an afternoon trekking through Sweet Hollow Park to explore its unique history.


Sweet Hollow Park offers a wealth of outdoor attractions sure to delight the entire family. With plenty of trails for hiking or biking, visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the hills surrounding Long Island’s north shore. The park also has an array of wildlife to observe and appreciate. Birdwatchers from around the region come to marvel at its wide variety of avian species. For young families, there is a playground, basketball court and picnic area that provide fun activities for all ages. An added bonus is that Sweet Hollow Park is close to shopping centers and restaurants for any who are looking for a perfect day in this idyllic part of New York.

Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit to Sweet Hollow Park, there are several important things to consider. First and foremost, it is important to know the park’s rules and regulations regarding use of the trails, swimming areas and other amenities. Secondly, it is essential to determine the best route from your current location. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the weather conditions of the area prior to heading out. When you arrive at Sweet Hollow Park, come prepared for an enjoyable experience! Bring items like sunscreen, insect repellent and waterproof clothing depending on when you’re visiting – these items may make your visit more comfortable and enjoyable.

Overall, Sweet Hollow Park is a great option for anyone looking for recreational activities. From basketball to jogging trails, this park is full of amenities that can cater to any type of hobby or activity. Additionally, the scenery is beautiful and serene. With its open grassy areas, mature trees and meadows, visitors of Sweet Hollow Park are sure to be delighted with their experience altogether.

However, if family-friendly activities and educational experiences are what you’re searching for, White Post Farms of Melville, is the perfect destination. The park offers plenty of attractions such as petting zoos, pony rides, a showing farm and pet retreats. In addition to traditional attractions, they even provide education on animals and exotic animal shows that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Slides, inflatables and animal shows are sure to entertain children while adults can enjoy a network of up-to-date gardens right on the premises.

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