The Adventure Park at Long Island, located in Melville, NY, is the perfect destination for an action-packed day of excitement. Boasting a spectacular array of aerial tree top courses and zip lines, guests of all ages and abilities can find something to enjoy. Visitors will traverse between platforms located high up in the trees using Tarzan swings, cargo nets and various other fun methods! The park also features a challenge course geared towards more daring adventurers over the age of 10 – here thrill seekers can climb through suspended obstacles like wooden bridges and giant treetop swings. Whatever your taste in adventure may be, this extraordinary destination has something to accommodate.

What To Do

Adventure Park at Long Island offers a variety of activities to suit everyone. One could climb and explore the aerial adventure course with both adult and kid courses available. With more than 30 zip line crossings over a 1,500-acre island, it is sure to offer some thrilling moments. There is also an archery range with bows, arrows and archery tags that provide a unique twist on the classic sport of archery. Other activities include pony rides, guided eco tours, fishing and paddle boarding making it easy for you to find something fun! Experience all these natural wonders for yourself for an unforgettable day of adventure.


The Adventure Park at Long Island offers a wide range of attractions that are sure to keep both children and adults alike entertained. From zip-lining to climbing trees and aerial bridges there is something for everyone here! Visitors can take on more than 700 unique challenges as they make their way through the over 150 treetop trails – from beginner to expert levels. For the more daring visitors, you can challenge yourself by tackling the incredible obstacle courses. With various difficulty levels for each course, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs; whether it be recreating popular TV shows or navigating through one of their themed courses, the Adventure Park has you covered.

Plan Your Visit

Visiting The Adventure Park at Long Island offers visitors a unique, thrilling way to experience the great outdoors with plenty of excitement. Guests can create their own adventures and try out ziplines, bridges, and varied difficulty levels of aerial trails. Safety is key here, so it’s always suggested that visitors plan before entering the park. Purchasing tickets and signing waivers online is highly recommended and time spent familiarizing oneself with safety protocols is essential for having the best and safest time possible.

Guests should also provide themselves ample time to explore the park as well as its exhibits, picnic areas, rainforest playgrounds, and more! Whether visiting for a few hours or an entire day, if you plan ahead your visit to The Adventure Park will be one of your most enjoyable experiences yet!

Overall, The Adventure Park at Long Island is the ideal destination for anyone looking to enjoy an unforgettable day of fun. Located in Melville, NY, this park is a great way to get outdoors in nature while also spending time with family and friends. With multiple aerial features such as rope swings and zip lines, visitors of all ages can experience something new and exciting. From its breathtaking views to its array of activities, The Adventure Park at Long Island offers something for everyone to enjoy.


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