West Hills Nature Preserve near Melville, New York is a fantastic spot for nature lovers. Located close to Long Island Expressway, the 541-acre preserve offers a unique look at some of the most spectacular sights in the area. Visitors can explore cypress swamps, oak forests, walking trails and more. Along with its beauty, West Hills provides great opportunities for recreation such as bird watching, hiking, jogging and biking. With countless species of wildlife and flora- fauna spread over the entire property, it’s no wonder that West Hills Nature Preserve is so loved by many locals. Whether you’re looking to spend an hour or an entire day here, you’re sure to have a wonderful time taking in all that this beautiful area has to offer.

What To Do

West Hills Nature Preserve is an outdoor wonderland waiting to be explored. This nature reserve is filled with diverse foliage and dramatic landscape features including hills, streams, swamps, wetlands and meadows. Visitors can experience and explore the natural beauty of this area by hiking the many trails or by canoeing or kayaking on Beaver Dam Creek. There are plentiful options for bird watching as well – over 100 species have been seen throughout the year! In addition to its abundance of nature activities there’s also fishing along the creek banks and several campsites scattered throughout if you’d like to spend the day or night here.


West Hills Nature Preserve is a great place to visit and explore. It offers many amenities to take advantage of such as trails for hiking, running, or walking; two fishing ponds; a wide variety of plant and animal species; and picnic areas. A highlight of the Reserve is its observation tower at the highest point of the park which provides 360-degree views of Melville and surrounding towns. For those hoping to learn more about the area’s natural environment, West Hills Nature Preserve also hosts regular programs like bird watching sessions and nature hikes. Whether it’s for playing, relaxing, or exploring – West Hills Nature Preserve has something for everyone!

Plan Your Visit

When planning a trip to West Hills Nature Preserve, be sure to research the hours of operation and plan your visit accordingly. It’s important to consider what time of day you will arrive in order to find the best photo ops for mesmerizing views. This nature preserve offers over one thousand acres of woods, trails and meadows where visitors can explore with different activities such as biking, fishing and horseback riding. Bring a picnic lunch so you can enjoy lunch with friends or family at one of the many scenic spots along the trails. Don’t forget some bug spray too — it will come in handy!

Overall, West Hills Nature Preserve in Melville, NY is a majestic and peaceful getaway. The preserve contains hundreds of acres of lush forests and open meadows, providing plenty of space to explore the natural beauty of Long Island. There is an abundance of trails available for hiking and biking, as well as areas for fishing or bird-watching. The preserve also offers educational programs throughout the year for adults and children alike. Whether you are looking to be alone with nature or gather with family and friends, West Hills Nature Preserve is the perfect destination for making memories that will last a lifetime.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, West Hills County Park is the perfect destination for you. This sprawling park offers a stunning nature. With its abundant hiking trails, picnic areas, and play areas, it’s a great spot to soak up some fresh air and admire nature’s beauty.

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